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Really realizing and dealing with how good life meant to me because it made it possible for me to be born, grow up, get an education - a life here in Switzerland, turned the gratitude into a feeling of guilt._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

I want to show my appreciation and do my part for the children of this world - and reach out to the weakest among us. Not least for the love of my own children!

About me...

My name is Adnan Ali - born in 1989 :)

I grew up in Aarwangen/BE. I am happily married and proud father of three wonderful children - Mahir Said (2015), Liya Nur (2017) and Reyyan (2018). Seeing how much protection, care, support and most of all love my children naturally need has changed the way I see things! 

I have been actively involved in For Children Smile since 2020. Thanks to my great and humane employer, I can count myself lucky to be there regularly to put a smile on the children's faces, even if only for a little moment. 

Professionally, I am in the management of an SME and cover the areas of EHS (environment, health & safety) and lean management. It is motivating for me and drives me to be able to organize the everyday life of my employees better. 

I take this motivation with me when I work in crisis areas.


-You say: Jump!

I ask: To whom?!-

Nickname: Duracell Bunny


+41 79 622 90 84



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