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Sali Zame!

«Helping one person may not change the whole world, but it can change the world for that one person»
What could be nicer than giving a child a smile? Children are everyone's future and have the right to a happy childhood. That's why I'm committed to helping children in need all over the world.

About me...

Hasret Tas-Bozoglu, Real Estate Manager,

at home in Weinfelden, born and raised in Dübendorf


With great gratitude I look back on my childhood and youth, in which I was able to enjoy many privileges, gain an incredible number of valuable experiences and learn for life. I can now pass on these insights, coupled with a large portion of love, to my children.


When I think of the sparkling eyes and the unconditional hugs, you can see my reasons for doing what I do.  Children's memories often last a lifetime. Especially the beautiful and special moments. With my active commitment, I give such moments to children and families in need.

I feel a real connection with people. Isn't that something a lot of us miss? The feeling of togetherness and "being there for each other"? To find out that there are other people, maybe complete strangers, who don't care about the other person's fate? This is a very powerful experience that gives a great feeling of safety and security.


Our world is marked by great inequality, civil unrest, thoughtless environmental destruction, extremism and social exclusion. The poor and vulnerable are hit particularly hard by man-made and natural adversities. What is my role in this? It is a necessary task for me to help people who are in need through no fault of their own, be it actively or passively.


"Help" needs a reliable basis and reliable people. If you want to alleviate hardship in the long term, you need solid values, clear goals and people who want to achieve them together. For Children Smile combines our individual strengths into a common force, because this is the only way we can help effectively. The selflessness of each of us not only ensures the survival of our socially committed group, but also that of people who have suffered severe blows of fate.


Helping other people makes life richer. You don't need heroes for that.

It takes heart.

A smiling heart - the signal that can be understood, interpreted and read anywhere in the world.


My slogan: "It doesn't work, doesn't exist."😉


+41 78 882 48 42



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